LowE Window Film


LowE window film gives an existing single-pane window the insulating performance of a dual-pane window, and provides an existing dual-pane window with the insulating performance of a triple-pane window. This film combines the properties of sun heat reflecting in the summer and heat insulation in the winter resulting in ongoing energy cost savings of up to 50% annually. You can expect the investment to be completely paid off within 3-4 years.

Window Film to keep the heat in in the winter

LowE window Film stands for Low-emissivity window film. Low emissivity refers to a surface condition which emits low levels of radiant heat energy.

LowE window film reduces the excess heat and glare in the summer, offering all advantages of the Solar window film. What makes this film special is the additional LowE coating, enhancing the film’s functionality and making it beneficial in the winter as well. With the special LowE window film you could gain from reflecting up to 93% of the heat back into your room. This prevents it from escaping through the glass in the winter and evidently brings savings to your gas/electricity bills resulting in ongoing energy cost savings of up to 50% annually.

The dual performance of LowE window film makes it useful all year round. Its benefits stand out not only on single glazed windows, but it also enhances significantly the qualities of double glazed units. The cost of LowE window film installation is a fraction of the cost to install new windows. Because of the energy savings this low-e commercial window tinting provides, you may expect to see a full return on investment in three-four years or less.

Additional benefits of the LowE window film are:

Reduces glare while still allowing controlled natural light into a space. Because it does this so effectively, blinds, shades, and curtains can often be left open to let in daylight and enjoy views to the outdoors without negatively influencing the ability to read or see computer monitors.

Privacy protection as the films generally have a slightly reflective finish. This is due to the nature of their coating which varies depending on film grades where the lightest films are barely noticeable.

Blocks harmful UV rays as even on cloudy days, the UV radiation enters through your windows. UV rays can fade furniture, wall-coverings, artworks, fabric, flooring, and merchandise in window displays.

If you have new LowE windows installed in your premises, you can still notably benefit from applying LowE window film on them. The difference that LowE glass alone would make is small compared to having LowE window film. A layer of LowE window film will further reduce the solar gain and glare in the summer, and increase the amount of heat retained inside the rooms in the winter. Having LowE window film installed on your new windows will well pay off for the additional investment made. LowE window film is suitable for installation in residential properties

as well as in commercial properties

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