A Window Film to Control the Sun

What Can Solar Window Film Do For my home and office space?
   Solar Window film will stop up to 80% of solar energy coming through your windows! This prevents uncomfortable hotspots, inconsistent temperatures and the heat build up in your premises. If you use air conditioner to cool your space in the summer it will decrease your electricity bills by up to 50% depending on the surface area of your glazing, geographical orientation and the temperature you consider as comfortable and try to maintain.
Solar Window film will stop 99% of the UV rays and protect from fading your rugs, draperies, artworks, carpets, wooden floors, furniture as well as your skin.
Installing Solar film on your windows will also drastically reduce glare so you can enjoy natural light and look outside without squinting. You won't have any more problem with TV or computer screens reflections.
You can enjoy the benefits of Solar Window film with little or no visible change to your windows and transmitted light at all. Solar window film is available in many grades, from virtually clear to medium or dark and shades like silver, steel, bronze, green etc. to ensure it will fit all interior and exterior architectural requirements.
Solar Window film installation brings security protection by slowing down or even stoping a potential intruder breaking a glass to gain access to your premisses. Protects from damage done by projectiles like gravel or small tree branches flying into your windows in severe weather. Window films keep shattered glass in place, rather than showering shards into the interior. 
Increased Privacy is another benefit of the solar window film as it will make your windows reflective from the outside. Depending on the strength of the film your windows will become more or less reflective which will make more difficult or almost impossible to see inside.

I have new windows with a Low E coating. Wouldn't the solar window film interfere with it?

There are special solar window films which we can install on the outside of your windows so you will still benefit both solar protection from the outside and heat insulation from the inside. Also the difference that LowE glass alone would make is small compared to having LowE window film. A layer of LowE window film will further reduce the solar gain and glare in the summer, and increase the amount of heat retained inside the rooms in the winter. Some of the most advanced LowE window films will reflect as much as 93% of the heat back in the room wich is virtually impossible for any lowE window coating.

High Energy Costs?

Solar window film installed on your windows will brings up to a 30% reduction in cooling costs, while making your home, store or office more comfortable. Biggest weight on your energy bills in the summer is from cooling and HVAC systems spend much more on cooling than on heating so the biggest savings you can make is on cooling as well. Professionally installed window film reduces solar heat gain to maintain consistent temperatures inside buildings, so cooling systems work efficiently, reducing hot spots and saving on electricity bills. We can give you an accurate figure on how much would you save with each different type and grade of film, based on your glazing surface area.

Want to make your living/working area more environmentally friendly?

Window film is good for you and good for the environment. It is a carbon‐neutral product, and owners of older homes considering the installation of new windows should think again! Window film delivers 7x the energy saving benefits per pound spent compared to installing brand new windows. The environmental impact of investing in window film is significantly less than removing old windows, disposal, and replacing them with newly manufactured ones. Professionally installed window film is also a much less invasive project compared with replacing your windows!

We need only the surface area of your glazing to be able to provide a quote. If you want to enjoy a consistently comfortable, healthier, ecologically friendly and safer home and work place environment call us today on 0800 133 7970. We work with a wide range of solar window film suppliers to ensure you have the best choice when it comes to technical specifications, aesthetics and cost. All window films installed by StickyColours come with 1 to 12 years warranty as standard.

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